How to Place an Exotic Wager

In this article we're going to teach you how to spice things up a bit with exotic wagering. Exotic wagers add one or two more elements to the mix, such as a second or third horse or additional races. There are both single race exotics and multiple race exotics.

Single Race Exotics

Common single race exotic wagers include, Exacta, Quinella, and Trifecta bets. To win an Exacta bet, you must choose the two horses finishing first and second in exact order. In a Quinella bet, you choose two horses in a race, and you win if your horse selections finish first and second, in any order. You must choose the first three finishers in exact order to win a Trifecta bet.

Multiple Race Exotics

Popular multiple race exotic wagers include the Daily DoublePick 3Pick 4, and Superfecta bets.

To win the Daily Double, you must choose the winners of two consecutive races. All you have to do is pick which horse you think will win each race and place your bet prior to the running of the first of these races.

In a Pick 3 bet, your wagers must also be placed prior to the start of the first of the three races. To win, you must choose the winners of three consecutive races. Similarly, in a Pick 4 bet your wagers must be placed prior to the start of the first of the four races, and you must pick the winners of four consecutive races to win. If no wagers correctly select all four winners, a portion of the money wagered is placed into a carryover pool. This pool is added to the next available Pick 4.

To win a Superfecta bet, you must choose the first four finishers in exact order. A Superfecta wager can be made for as little as 10¢, making it a fun and inexpensive way to delve into exotic wagering.

You’re now armed with all the wagering knowledge you need for live racing. So join us this season, and get out there and make some wagers!


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