Prairie Meadows' Jackpot Pick 5 Reaches Record High of $297,953.25

The Jackpot Pick 5 at Prairie Meadows is at a record high of $297,953.25 going into week 14 of the racetrack’s Thoroughbred season. With 12 days left in the current meet, 35 consecutive racing days have gone by without a unique winning ticket in the multi-race wager.

If the jackpot is not won before Saturday, August 11 there will be a mandatory payout during the Iowa Classic, which is the final racing event of the 2018 Thoroughbred season. The jackpot was last paid out on May 26 when none of the five post time favorites won during the final five races that afternoon.

The jackpot totaled $8,781.80. The largest Jackpot Pick 5 win of the 2018 Thoroughbred season equaled $29,418.10. It was hit on May 13, when the highest win mutual in the five-race sequence was $23.20. The Jackpot Pick 5 format debuted in Prairie Meadows’ 2017 Thoroughbred season. During that year, the jackpot totaled and paid out six figures twice. It was hit at $108,624.25 on June 1 and $101,779.95 on July 29. 

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