Prairie Meadows, IQHRA Announce Addendum to Conditions for 2019 Futurity and Derbies

ALTOONA, IA — APRIL 19, 2019

Prairie Meadows and the Iowa Quarter Horse Racing Association (IQHRA) has sent out an addendum letter to the "General Conditions" regarding four Quarter Horse futurities and four Quarter Horse derbies slated for the 2019 racing season at the Iowa racetrack.

The addendum gives notice to nominators regarding 2019 Quarter Horse Hair Testing protocol that will be in effect for the 2019 Prairie Meadows Quarter Horse Racing Season (click here for QH Testing 2019 addendum).

"It is in the nominators best interest to review the 2019 Quarter Horse Hair Testing protocols with emphasis on the understanding that any determination of the State Lab regarding hair-testing results is FINAL," IQHRA Board President Tom Lepic and Prairie Meadows QH meet Assistant Racing Secretary Chad Keller said in a letter earlier this week.

"Horses with a positive hair test waive their right to appeal this determination or seek a stay to allow a horse to continue to compete absent a negative hair test result."

The 2019 Quarter Horse Hair Testing protocols could be used for the following races: 

  • 2019 Iowa Double Gold Futurity
  • 2019 Iowa Double Gold Derby
  • 2019 Iowa Stallion QH Futurity
  • 2019 Iowa Stallion QH Derby
  • 2019 Jim Bader Futurity
  • 2019 Polk County Derby
  • 2019 Valley Junction Futurity
  • 2019 Altoona Derby

It is understood by all parties involved that any of the following actions by the nominator for any of the races above will serve as acknowledgment and acceptance of the addendum to the General Conditions and receiving proper notice of 2019 Quarter Horse Hair Testing protocols:

1. Subscriber continues to make nomination payments in accordance with the payment schedule for the race. (Example: Subscriber has made an initial nomination payment, acknowledges/accepts addendum and notice of 2019 QH Hair Testing protocols and continues to make payments in accordance with the payment schedule for the race)

2. Subscriber or designee enters nominated horse to the race at time of entry for trials. (Example: Subscriber makes initial nomination payment on the last date deadline but prior to “At Time of Entry for Trials” or makes a “Late Supplement Nomination Payment at Time of Entry for Trials”)

If the nominator does not acknowledge and accept the addendum of the 2019 Quarter Horse Hair Testing protocols after making the initial nomination payment, they can request and will receive their initial nomination payment returned to them in exchange for removing the nominated horse from eligibility for the race.

"There could be a delay in returning the initial payment to the nominator; however, every effort will be made to expedite the return of the initial payment to the subscriber in a timely manner," Keller said. "Thank you for your cooperation."

Hair Testing will be performed on six stakes finals with races to be selected by commission staff. Not every stakes race will have "Hair Testing" used. However any Quarter Horse on Prairie Meadows grounds is subject to hair testing at any time (Out-of-Competition Hair Testing).

Owners and or trainers who have any questions regarding the "General Conditions Addendum" should contact the Prairie Meadows Racing Office at 515-967-1205 or the Iowa Quarter Horse Racing Association at 319-331-2306.

For specific questions about the Hair Testing process, please contact the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission State Vet’s Office at 515-967-1213.

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