Prairie Meadows Gives Back $38 Million in 2019

Prairie Meadows has honored its commitment to strengthen and expand human services, economic development, infrastructure, and schools throughout Iowa. In 2019, Prairie Meadows reinvested $38 million to help improve the lives of the people who work and live in central Iowa. Part of this reinvestment is through the private-public partnership with Polk County. Prairie Meadows gave $26 million to Polk County for the county to reinvest these dollars back into human services and betterment of all Polk County community members.

“Reducing the burden of government by promoting economic development, jobs, agriculture, and tourism in the state of Iowa has always been the foundation of Prairie Meadows,” said President and CEO Gary Palmer. “We’re very proud of being the number one entertainment destination in Iowa, but knowing we’re giving back to our own community — whether it’s funds for a much-needed school renovation or a grant for Iowa veterans — gives us a reason every day to do and be better.”

Since 1996, Prairie Meadows has given $1.9 billion to the state of Iowa through taxes, grants, and charitable donations.

“On a daily basis, Prairie Meadows puts our core values – respect, integrity, teamwork, and excellence – into motion. This last record-breaking year of charitable donations is a result of that commitment,” said Director of Community Relations Julie Stewart. “No matter what our community faces, we’ll be part of the solution. That’s what good neighbors do.”

Read more about how Prairie Meadows is leading the way in our 2019 Annual Report. 

Annual Report

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