Employee Stories: Vicki Hyde

When people hear the title Main Banker, it can conjure images of the game Monopoly. And really, what Vicki Hyde does for a living isn’t too far off, save for the hotel acquisitions.

But Vicki isn’t handling pink and blue funny money. She’s handling the real stuff, and she handles a lot of it.

As Main Banker, Vicki provides the cash that’s used in various outlets throughout the casino, from slots to table games to the cashier. She retrieves and verifies the cash and prepares a daily deposit to send to the bank. Main Bankers are also responsible for handling larger denominations from departments like food and beverage, as well as issuing tip receipts to servers to ensure their paycheck is correct.

“The main banker has an important role here,” said Main Bank Assistant Shift Manager Jim Todd. “It’s a detail-oriented, accuracy driven position.”

Jim points to the Prairie Meadows JACKPOT Guest Service standards as a guiding light for his team, including Vicki. JACKPOT is an acronym (Joy, Anticipate, Celebrate, Knowledge, Pride, Optimism, and Teamwork) and a framework all employees are expected to adhere to, whether they’re a behind-the-scenes Main Banker or a bartender on the frontlines.

“I don’t have much face time with external guests, but I do interact a great deal with internal ones,” said Vicki. “I’ve always had very public facing jobs, so being behind the scenes is new to me. The main bankers are the heartbeat of the casino. I love it!”

Vicki worked for Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI for 18 years; first as a cashier, and then as a finance supervisor. Although her prior experience has certainly helped Vicki settle into her role comfortably, it’s not absolutely necessary to have a storied career in finance to take on a similar role here at Prairie Meadows. 

“We’re always looking for folks who have cash handling experience,” said Jim. “But it doesn’t necessarily have to be casino cash handling experience.”

Jim also points out that even if you are someone who has experience, it’s important to always be open to learning.

“Vicki had almost 20 years of casino experience before coming to Prairie Meadows, but that hasn’t stopped her from asking questions when she’s not sure of something,” he said. “The best employees are the ones who want to keep learning and growing.”

Vicki is grateful to have carved out a niche here at Prairie Meadows. The casino atmosphere is where she feels at home, and her employment here has helped the Michigan native adjust to Iowa.

“I love the job and everyone has been really helpful and kind,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to go to a place where it feels like you fit.”

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