Employee Stories - Brenda Bond

The exciting lights and pizazz of the casino pushed Brenda to apply for a job at Prairie Meadows, but upon landing a line cook position she found so much more. She not only received a fun work environment, but a welcoming and accommodating team that she holds near and dear to her heart.

According to Brenda she was “tickled to death” to get a job offer at Prairie Meadows Casino, and she did not hesitate to accept. Brenda has always worked in the food & beverage industry, either managing restaurants or cooking on the line. She loves what she does, but more importantly loves her team.

Brenda has learned a lot from the employees she works with at Prairie Meadows. One particular coworker has had a huge impact on Brenda, even teaching her a valuable lesson – when we go through hard times be thankful for what you have, take time to smile and be happy. Working with such an inspiring coworker has helped Brenda keep in mind what is important and to give that extra effort.

Brenda also had high praise for her supervisors and their willingness to accommodate and help their employees. “My manager Steve is awesome. He is always there to help. He works with you and makes his employees feel important. He motivates us and makes me want to work harder.” A smile crossed her face as she explained, “I have never worked for a boss like Steve before.”

In addition to her amazing team, Brenda also appreciates the guests she gets to meet while at work. And she says Prairie Meadows pays better, which is always a plus.

Brenda could retire next month, but she wants to stick around a bit longer. Brenda likes to work and isn’t in any hurry to leave Prairie Meadows.

“I like the people, and I want to stay here with them. I want to make it to 66 before I retire, but if I feel good, well, I just might stay longer. I’ve had a very good experience here."  

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