2016 PM_Racing
Racing Seasons/Promotions:

Quarter Horse Races


August 20 – October 15

Friday Post Time: 5:30pm

Saturday and Sunday Post Time: 1:00pm

With their rapid acceleration over short distances, Quarter Horses are the world-class sprinters of the equine world.

Download a PDF of our full racing calendar.

Thoroughbred Races


The 2016 Thoroughbred season is now over.

Please check back as we will announce the 2017 Thoroughbred season at a later date.

Featured Racing Events:

Special Race Days & Events

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Special Race Days & Events
September 17 | Regional Challenge Finals | Post Time 1pm
October 13 | Post Time 5:30pm
October 15 | Championship Day | Post Time 1pm

Family Days at the Races

Family Days at the Races

Each event will feature different children’s activities such as spin art, balloon animals, Princess party appearances and more.

  • August 21
  • September 18
  • October 9

Race Sponsorships

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Race Sponsorships

Anyone can sponsor a race. Benefits include a race named in honor of your group or organization, a photo near the Winner’s Circle, recognition of your race in the program, your name on the in-field board, and a personal message read by our track announcer. You’ll also get six racing programs. These are a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate outings and other special occasions. To sign up, click here.

*Requests must be submitted at least one week before desired race sponsorship date.

Stable Area Tours

Stable Area Tours

Check out a behind the scenes tour of our racetrack! Learn about track conditions, jockeys, horses and more. Tours will be continuous beginning at 8am to 10am, lasting approximately 30 minutes, and will begin and end at the south entrance.

  • August 20
  • September 17

No reservations required. For more information, please call 515-967-8542.

*Ride portion of the tour is not handicap accessible, strollers are prohibited, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and rides may be cancelled without notice.


Ones to Watch

Plan your weekend of simulcast race wagering with one of these major races from around the country.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does live horse racing season begin?

Our racetrack is open between April and October during the racing season.

Can I bring my child to the racetrack?

Children under 18 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. However, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to access the casino floor, located on Level 2.

How do you place a bet on a race?

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. State the name of the track.
  2. Give the teller the number of the race you’re betting on.
  3. State the amount you wish to wager. ($2 is the minimum)
  4. Tell them the type of wager you’d like to make.
  5. Give them the number of the horse as listed in your program. Here’s an example: “Prairie Meadows, third race, two dollars, to win, on number five.”

Does Prairie Meadows charge for admission or parking?

Admission is free for all of our live horse racing events with both indoor and outdoor seating. Parking is also free and includes handicap spaces and valet parking—and for your convenience, a shuttle is accessible from the parking lot that will take you to the main entrance.

How do I pick a horse?

To keep it simple and easy, you may want to pick your favorite number or color, a name you like, or the horse you connect with. More advanced strategies include looking at things like bloodlines, past performances, and track conditions. The more times you wager, the more you’ll get to know these strategies.

I am interested in sponsoring a race. What does that include? How do I sponsor?

Anyone can pay to sponsor a race. Benefits include having your name/photo displayed on the Big Screen, your name in racing program, a personal message read by the track announcer, and your picture in the winner’s circle. These are a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate outings and other special occasions. To sign up, click here.

Where can I find information on race times?

You can view our racing calendar here for race days, post times, and special racing events occurring throughout the season here at Prairie Meadows!

What are the basic wagers you can make on a race?

A “Win” bet means you bet a horse to win, so you win if your horse finishes first. Making a “Place” bet means you win if your horse finishes first or second. When you bet a horse to “Show”, you win if your horse finishes first, second or third.

What days do the horses race?

Thoroughbreds race Thursday – Sunday and Quarter Horses race Friday – Sunday.

2016 Wagering Formats

What wagers are offered on live racing, and what are the takeouts and minimums?




Exacta20%$2.00 Straight/$1.00 Wheels/Boxes
Quinella20%$2.00 Straight/$2.00 Wheels/Boxes
Daily Double20%$2.00 Straight/$1.00 Wheels
Trifecta23%$2.00 Straight/$1.00 Wheels/Boxes
Pick 319%$2.00 Straight/$1.00 Wheels
Pick 415%$0.50 Straight/$1.00 Wheels
Superfecta20%$0.10 Straight/$0.10 Wheels/Boxes
Pick 515%$0.50 Straight/$0.50 Wheels
Pentafecta15%$0.50 Straight/$0.50 Wheels/Boxes

Racing Personnel

Racing Department Contact Information

Derron Heldt

Director of Racing
(515) 967-8508

Pat Pope

Thoroughbred Racing Secretary
(515) 967-1204

Chad Keller

Quarter Horse Racing Secretary
(515) 957-3027

Martha Miller

Racing Administrative Assistant
(515) 967-1205

Jack Coady

Track Photographer
(515) 967-1381

Lori Thornburg

Horsemen’s Bookkeeper
(515) 967-1298