Frequently Asked Sports Betting Questions 

Where can I sign up?

Sign up or complete the sign-up process on-site at the William Hill Sports book at Prairie Meadows, located on level 4. All new customers should see a ticket writer in the sports book to activate their account. Then place your bets online – Apple users can download the William Hill Iowa App from the app store while Android users must visit You will need a photo ID.

What kind of device do I need?

The William Hill app can be used on any iPhone or iPad. Android phone and tablet users must visit on their smart device.

How do I look up my account history?

On the app home screen, press Account Balance Icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Account History.

How do I fund my account?

Cash deposits can be made at the William Hill Sports book at Prairie Meadows.

How do I collect the money I’ve won?

Visit the William Hill Sports Book at Prairie Meadows during operating hours and make a withdrawal. You may also call 855.754.1200 to request a check be mailed to the address on your account.

Do I need to be at Prairie Meadows to place a mobile bet?

No. Initially, you must visit the William Hill Sports book at Prairie Meadows to activate your account. Once that is complete, you can place wagers on sporting events anywhere within the State of Iowa.

Can I make any bet (parlay, teasers, halftime InPlay)?

Yes, any type wager that you can make at the William Hill Sports book can be made on your phone, including Parlay Cards and InPlay wagering.

How much do I have to deposit and how much can I wager?

Deposit any amount you want. As for betting, you can go from $2 up to the betting limit of a particular game. William Hill reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager.


Retail Sports Book

What time does the William Hill Sports Book at Prairie Meadows open?

Monday – Friday: 11am
Saturday & Sunday: 9am

How many TVs will be dedicated to Sports content? 

Our Sports Book offers more than 50 large HD flat-screen TVs with 20 dedicated to sports content as well as a 16-monitor video wall.

Can you wager on professional and college sports, or just professional sports?

You can wager on both college and professional sports. You CANNOT place bets on individual college athletes but you CAN bet on the Heisman winner.

Can I wager on horse racing at the Sports Book?

No, but we do have a full service simulcast area available on-site for pari-mutual wagering.

How old must you be to place a wager on sporting events?

21 years old