Prairie Meadows Racing Club

Experience Thoroughbred Ownership with Prairie Meadows 

Prairie Meadows Racing Club ("Club") – your low risk pathway to becoming a racehorse owner. 

Club membership for the 2019 season is now on sale!


The Basics

The Club is a low-cost, social and educational glimpse into the life of Thoroughbred ownership. It offers 200 people a chance to be a part of this thrilling experience.

Memberships are available for $300 each, with no additional expenses. The one-time membership fee is used to purchase the horse and cover training costs and other expenses associated with the care of the horse. All decisions regarding the horse, including its purchase, will be made by the Club trainer on behalf of the Club. Members will receive regular updates on the program via email and a Facebook page.

The Club has been organized as a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit social club. Members should not join with any profit motive or expectation of profit, and must acknowledge that they may not receive back any of their $300 membership fee. After payment of all horse-related expenses and other club costs, all purse earnings or proceeds from the sale of the horse will be distributed to the members but will not exceed $300 per member. The remainder will be donated to a local charity, selected at the discretion of the Club’s Board of Directors. All decisions on the purchase, training, and racing of the Club’s horse will be made by the trainer and the Club’s Board of Directors.   

The Benefits

The Club provides an exclusive experience with many perks such as:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at Thoroughbred ownership
  • Breakfast on select mornings to watch the Club’s horse prepare for racing
  • Learn from the Club trainer about his approach to training and strategy for winning
  • Privileged access to the Paddock area before races run by the Club’s horse race, upon approval of the Iowa Racing and  Gaming Commission (a release of confidential information and fingerprinting may be necessary)
  • Exclusive Club events at Prairie Meadows
  • Priority valet service
  • And much more!

Club Structure

  • The Club is organized as a 501(C)(7) not-for-profit-social-club.
  • Members must join with the understanding that they cannot make any profit from their membership.
  • Members must acknowledge that they may not receive back any of their $300 membership fee. Should a profit be made, the proceeds will be distributed to a charity as selected at the discretion of the Club’s Board of Directors.
  • Club perks and benefits apply to members only and are non-transferable. Certain Club events may permit a guest, but all Club benefits belong solely to the individual owner of the fractional share.
  • There will be a total of five (5) persons serving on the Club’s Board of Directors.
  • All members must be 21 years of age or older to participate. All Prairie Meadows employees are excluded from participating in the Club as a member.

To view or print the Club's membership agreement, please click here.

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