A partnership that's making a difference

In central Iowa, a dynamic nonprofit partnership between Prairie Meadows and Polk County is improving lives and creating a lasting impact that resonates across communities and generations. Together we’ve generated over $2.1 billion in funding over 30 years for projects that improve, strengthen and beautify our community while creating a stronger future for every Polk County resident.

Partnership History

In 1989, the Polk County Board of Supervisors and Prairie Meadows joined forces to become one of only two nonprofit casinos in the U.S. From the beginning of our partnership to now, we’ve averaged more than $27 million per year in giving to support vital arts, culture, healthcare, education and infrastructure initiatives across central Iowa. Now in its 30th, year we remain dedicated to creating beneficial impacts that are seen and felt by individuals and groups across Polk County, now and well into the future.


Community Giving & Taxes | 2021

From funding meals for hungry children and an essential free medical clinic, to renovating schools and improving city parks, Prairie Meadows helped improve the lives of thousands of Iowans in 2021.

Charitable Giving  

Polk County

$27.3 Million

Community Betterment & Legacy Grants

$3.98 Million

City of Des Moines

$4.9 Million

Prairie Meadows & Polk County Schools

$861 Thousand


$445 Thousand
Taxes $56.1 Million
Total: $93.7 Million


Community Giving and Taxes Summary | 1995 - December 31st, 2022

Since 1995, Prairie Meadows has given $2.1 billion to Polk County through taxes, grants, and charitable donations. And more than $863 million of that figure has stayed right here in Polk County.

Charitable Giving  

Polk County

$722.6 Million

Community Betterment Grants

$58.2 Million

Legacy Grants

$43.8 Million

City of Des Moines

$75.2 Million

Polk County Schools

$11.0 Million


$27.5 Million
Taxes $1.2 Billion
Total: $2.1 Billion


Prairie Meadows continually provides support to nonprofit organizations through our Legacy and Betterment Grant programs, event sponsorships, and in-kind donations.

For even more information, see a snapshot of the 2018-2019 County Endowment Fund Program & grants made by Casino Nonprofit Organizations.

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